A Concert and the Comfort of Belonging

By Samantha Motta (Beta Nu, University of Utah) I remember going through recruitment and being absolutely terrified that I just made a big mistake. I had already been through a couple years in college and had always wanted to join Greek life, but as a woman of color at a predominately white school, joining Greek […]

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Sisterhood Built on Inclusivity: A Black History Month Reflection

By Caitlyn-Rae L. Arendse (Beta, Albion College) When I was a freshman, I chose to join Alpha Chi Omega because of the way I was spoken to. I remember when my future grand-grand-big, Ashley Audisho, made me feel so comfortable talking about my academic goals and aspirations, and I felt like I was taken seriously. […]

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MacDowell Month: Making Music and Magic

By Lauren Filippini (Alpha Chi, Butler University), Editor As a music educator, Katie Wonderly (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University) is committed to sharing the joys of music with her students and with kids around the world. Growing up in a musical household, Katie always believed she was destined for Broadway; she reflects now, “Little did […]

Feature Real. Strong. Women.

Living as a Real, Strong Woman: A Black History Month Reflection

By LaKeshia Horton (Iota Alpha, Alumnae Initiates) My cultural values are self-respect, to have integrity, good character and always do your best at whatever it is that you try. No one is going to hand you anything without putting in work for it. Our culture has to work hard for everything that we need and […]

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Mutual Respect and Healthy Relationships in Leadership

As we reflect on the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, our Panhellenic sister (Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Cornell University), in September of 2020, it is important to consider her approach to leadership through healthy relationships and mutual respect: “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will […]