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Learn More About National Board Service

Sisters serving on each of our Alpha Chi Omega Enterprise boards share their experience. We hope the insight from these women encourages you to recommend a sister (or yourself!) for service on one of the boards. Pictured L-R: Mikelle Holt Brady (Alpha, DePauw University) – National Council Maree Magliocchetti (Alpha Tau, University of New Hampshire) […]

Feature Sisterhood

Welcoming Our 300,000th Member!

What started with seven young women at DePauw University has grown into a sisterhood of hundreds of thousands of real, strong women. We’re thrilled to welcome Lily Heddinghaus from the Delta Omega chapter at University of Kentucky as Alpha Chi Omega’s 300,000th initiated member! As part of our Ask an Alpha Chi blog series, we […]

Feature Leadership

Just Be There: My Experience as a Youth Mentor – and How You Can Make an Impact, Too!

By Erica N. Brown (Epsilon Theta, California State University, Sacramento) Growing up, I didn’t know what a mentor was, because I was lucky to have what I had. I had a wonderful family and other supportive adults. I participated in sports and extracurriculars, and school wasn’t too stressful for me. Most of the kids around […]

Team AXO

The Best of Both Worlds

By Alyson Van Winkle (Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University) When I applied to be a chapter consultant, I knew that I wanted to take advantage of all the experiences the role provided. Little did I know I was going to get the best of both worlds by serving as both a traveling consultant and a […]