Authenticity and Advice from a TikTok Creator

By Lauren Filippini (Alpha Chi, Butler University), editor One million followers. It’s a milestone for any social media content creator, and Madison Anne (Gamma Chi, Stetson University) hit that number on TikTok within two years of her first video. That video focused on how to find your bra size and set the course for Madison’s […]

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Finding Her Past, Present and Future

By Lauren Filippini (Alpha Chi, Butler University), editor If you’ve watched the Netflix documentary Found – about three adopted teenagers who discover they’re cousins and travel to China to learn about their history – you may have noticed a few Alpha Chi moments, like a Dad’s Day event banner and a T-shirt. That’s because one […]

Feature Real. Strong. Women.

Living Authentically with Bipolar Disorder

By Chelsea Skye Smith (Alpha Omega, Birmingham-Southern College) Content warning: Mentions of mental illness, self-harm, suicide, sexual promiscuity and medications It has always been important for me to help disrupt the judgment surrounding mental illness. I went into college knowing I wanted to study psychology, but it was the little things about mental health stigmatization […]