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75 Years of Alpha Chi Omega

By: Hannah Harris (Zeta Xi, UNC – Greensboro)

As a living and evolving sisterhood, there is no larger asset to our organization than our members. Our members are the lifeblood of Alpha Chi Omega. We often say, “It’s not four years, but for life” when we talk about the transition from collegiate to alumnae membership. When you graduate from college, you continue to be a real, strong woman. There is no greater outward symbol of the lifelong commitment to Alpha Chi Omega than for a member to receive her 75-year membership anniversary pin. This pin recognizes 75 years of friendship, leadership, learning and service.

Heather Ortiz (Epsilon Omega) with her grandmother, Patricia Haskins (Kappa)

Every year family members, chapter sisters and alumnae chapters come together to celebrate members who achieve the momentous milestone of 75 years as an Alpha Chi Omega. Recently, Patricia Haskin (Kappa, University of Wisconsin – Madison) received her 75-year membership pin at a ceremony hosted by Judy Stone (Gamma Omicron, Marshall University) and Carolyn Breck (Nu, University of Colorado Boulder), the alumnae chapter president and treasurer (respectively) for Beta Eta Beta in El Paso, TX. This ceremony held additional importance as Patricia’s granddaughter Heather Ortiz (Epsilon Omega, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo) was also present. Twenty-five years earlier, Patricia received her 50-year pin at the Epsilon Omega chapter shortly after Heather joined as a new member.

These special ceremonies show us that Alpha Chi Omega can be celebrated and cherished at all stages of life. Whether you are a new member or a seasoned alumna with 75 years of membership, you are a real, strong woman. Alpha Chi Omega is not just four years; you are Alpha Chi Omega for life.

To learn more about membership milestone celebrations, visit our Membership Milestone page on the website. 

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