A Concert and the Comfort of Belonging

By Samantha Motta (Beta Nu, University of Utah)

Samantha and her member class

I remember going through recruitment and being absolutely terrified that I just made a big mistake. I had already been through a couple years in college and had always wanted to join Greek life, but as a woman of color at a predominately white school, joining Greek life is a bit outside the norm. After receiving my bid, I was nervous about whether or not I truly belonged at Alpha Chi and whether or not I should drop out. However, I remembered that while going through recruitment, my Rho Gammas kept telling my group to trust in the process and that we would eventually find our forever homes.

In the first month as I was able to meet more new and lifetime members, I started to get a feel for the environment that is Alpha Chi and what I felt was genuine care and appreciation for one another; I was hopeful to go on through the rest of my new member experience. During that first month I met my future big sister while discussing the upcoming Jonas Brothers concert that we both desperately wanted to go to. We eventually got last-minute tickets and bonded over more than just the concert; we talked about our history with dance, our roles in band and orchestra, and our appreciation for the arts.

From then on, I was introduced to more lifetime members who helped me throughout my new member process, and I was able to experience so many more memories with the chapter. Since my time with Alpha Chi, I have been able to make strong relationships, learn about responsibility and support, and am a big to my amazing little! I am extremely grateful for the opportunities in leadership that I have gained and am proud to be the VP diversity, equity and inclusion at Beta Nu. I am hopeful that my work that I have done and will continue to do will impact the chapter in positive ways and spark the conversations about creating safe spaces for our sisterhood. I am proud to be a real, strong woman.

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