About Us

“Tonight, as I look around this room, I feel the warmth and glow of my sisters. These are my friends. I can reach out and grasp any of their hands and say, ‘This is my sister.’”
~Alpha Chi Omega Dream Cake Ceremony

ConnectingConnecting is easy when you can reach out and hold on to your sisters, when you can see their faces to know if they need encouragement, a laugh or a strong cup of coffee. It’s when we’re not in the same room – whether that’s across campus or across the country – that connecting becomes an intentional act and takes on new meaning.

That’s where stories come in. With a few paragraphs about your experiences or adventures, you can communicate the feelings of sisterhood with women near and far. Your photos and videos can transport sisters to you, bridging the gap of geography. You can engage in conversation with women from your collegiate years and those you’ve never even met. You can tell the stories of your involvement, your plans, your struggles, your triumphs – and you can inspire other sisters.

By sharing our stories, we create a network of Alpha Chi Omegas. We learn of the similarities that draw us together and the differences that make each of us a unique chord in the symphony of sisterhood.

So tell us your story, in whatever format you prefer. Articles, anecdotes, Q&As, photos, videos, artwork – however you feel you can best convey your experiences to your sisters (and others!), we want to help share them. Click “Share Your Story” on the Stay Connected page of the Alpha Chi Omega website to submit, or fill out the form on this blog’s Contact Us page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help connect you with sisters new and old.