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Ask an Alpha Chi: Andrea Moreno

In honor of our seven Founders, we get to know one Alpha Chi Omega through seven questions.

 Andrea Moreno (Gamma Pi, University of Tampa), Chapter President

Q: What is your passion?

My passion is social connectedness and bringing people together. In holding the position of VP new member education this past year, I learned how important it is to continue the growth of relationships in our sorority, especially in a year like 2020. It was with this opportunity that I realized how much I learned of myself by bringing social connectivity.

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

Because of my white skin, people are surprised to find out I am Hispanic. Having two Spanish-speaking cultures growing up shaped me to develop chameleon-like characteristics – I can blend and relate to many different people.

Q: How has your heritage impacted your journey?

Being in a sorority, it was hard to translate to both my parents about what I had joined when they both come from different countries and cultures. My mother was born and raised in Mexico, and my father in southern Spain. Their college experiences were those where the majority of college students commuted to school. They didn’t always understand every concept of my own college experience, which included Greek life. “¿Es como las películas?” (“Is it like the movies?”) was a question they asked because movies portray sororities/fraternities in a stereotypical way. For me, Alpha Chi was a place where I found my identity, purpose and drive to keep going as an individual and not just because my parents expected it from me.

Q: With no one else in your family being in a sorority, what made you decide to go through recruitment?

When I decided to join a sorority, it was for the same reason as anyone else. I wanted to make lifelong friends and get the most of my time in college. As a Hispanic woman, sometimes we doubt our abilities and what we can achieve due to discrimination and feeling smaller than everyone else. But I soon began to see that the diversity of the chapters manifests itself in more ways than just appearances. It’s in the variety of majors and career paths in our chapter and in what sorority women do when no one is looking.

Q: Why did you choose Alpha Chi Omega?

Alpha Chi Omega stood out to me in huge part because of the sisterhood that was emitting from the room. Everything, from the women I spoke to during recruitment to the philanthropy, screams “female empowerment.” I knew I had found the sorority whose values are shared and complementary to my own.

Q: How has Alpha Chi Omega had an impact on your life and your collegiate experience so far?

A: Whenever people talk about minorities in sororities, I know it’s my job to share the struggles of the Hispanic woman living at a (mostly) white university. But I don’t have any. The truth is, I’m not treated any differently than my other sisters, and I tend to think that’s a good thing. Life in a sorority showed me that differences come together within one empire and the same beliefs. The beliefs of making their parents proud, getting their dream job, or even just the fulfillment of a degree in hand – whatever the case may be, we all have a purpose to bring us together within the sorority.

Q: What does be a real, strong woman mean to you?

Being a real, strong woman is an ongoing, never-ending progress of growth. To me, I am a real, strong woman growing within my education and social life. I have learned from women different from me, women stronger-minded than me, and women the same as me to always show my fullest potential as I walk this journey.

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