Ask an Alpha Chi: Star Challenge Edition

In honor of our seven Founders, we get to know one Alpha Chi Omega (and one of our favorite Foundation campaigns) through seven questions.

We sat down with Anne Teaford-Cantor (Alpha Psi, UCLA), who has attended Alpha Chi Omega national conventions since 1974. She currently serves as a trustee for the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and is a long-time donor to Star Challenge. Learn more about Star Challenge below as Anne shares what makes it special to her.

Anne Teaford-Cantor

What was your first volunteer role for Alpha Chi Omega?

My first volunteer role for Alpha Chi Omega was Gamma Theta Gamma (Los Angeles, California) alumnae chapter president, 1977-79.  ,

What is your current volunteer role?

I currently serve as a Foundation trustee, 2019-present.

When and where was your first convention? What do you remember?

Because of the generosity of the Gamma Theta Gamma alumnae chapter, I was sent to the 1974 National Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, as Alpha Psi’s alternate delegate. I remember being awestruck by the “bigness” of absolutely everything and by the accomplishments of the Award of Achievement winners and feeling completely surrounded with amazing role models.

How long have you been participating in Star Challenge (formally known as Star Booth / Sky of Fame)?

I have participated from the very beginning and ever since. (Star Challenge started in 1988, and its original name was Sky of Fame!)

What do you want sisters to know about what makes Star Challenge special?

It is an opportunity for you to recognize and say “thank you” to individual sisters (and others, if you like), who mean something special to you and, at the same time, support the Foundation. It’s two hugs in one — a hug to each person to whom you send a star, along with a hug to all the sisters who will benefit from Foundation-supported programming.

What are you most looking forward to with the 2022 National Convention in Bellevue?

I am looking forward to being together in person in Bellevue. It feels like 14 years, not four. I also have some fun news to share for sisters attending convention, so I am excited for that!

What uncommon impact do you hope to make on Alpha Chi Omega?

Serving as a Foundation trustee has been and continues to be an uncommon opportunity to give back and pay it forward to the organization that has had the most impact on my life. I want to help ensure that something truly uncommon — the Real. Strong. Women. Experience  — is available to women for generations to come.

Star Challenge begins June 22! Visit our giving dashboard June 22-July 10 to participate!