#AXOisHome Team AXO


By Eliza Payne, Housing Operations Coordinator (Delta Chi, William Woods University)

The Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation (NHC) was formed in 1996 and is responsible for collegiate chapter facilities which are owned, leased or managed by the NHC. The National Housing Corporation is supported by a Board of Directors and professional staff. The Board of Directors provides guidance on the strategic direction of the NHC to the NHC staff who carries out the day-to-day projects. But when we get down to it, the NHC is responsible for the reason #AXOisHome to our members. Dedicated to providing a space for our members to share with their sisters, study, celebrate and make memories, the NHC team is the foundation on which each structure is sustained.

The NHC also provides support to those facilities that are managed by a Local Housing Corporation and appreciates all of the dedicated work and time our local alumnae give to our Alpha Chi Omega facilities.

The NHC was excited to provide the Gamma Theta chapter house at the University of Maryland a refresh this summer! The facility saw upgrades to several common area spaces and the dining room.

The living room saw lots of upgrades this summer and we can’t get over how beautiful the furniture is!

A lounge wears many hats, from a study room, to movie theater, to that quiet space to relax after class. Working with an interior designer we were able to maximize this space for our members to serve their needs.

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in a chapter house. This is where members come together to study, eat together and connect with each other. The NHC helped to update the furniture, paint and provide storage space for appliances. We love the personal touches in this room with pictures of sisters!

The moment you walk into the Gamma Theta chapter house you know that you are in an Alpha Chi Omega facility. From the branded rug to the pillows and décor we want everyone to feel welcomed in our home.

Our Kappa Omicron chapter at High Point University saw updates from the NHC this past summer in several rooms. We always aim to ensure that an NHC facility is welcoming and feels like home for our sisters.

This space serves as a place where members can hold meetings or study together. We appreciate opportunities to create environments that foster collaboration and spaces like this do just that!

Nothing is better than sinking into a big, comfy couch at the end of the day! Plenty of space to spread out here!

We always look for different ways to brighten up a room and fun throw pillows do just that!

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful entryway. When you walk into Kappa Omicron’s chapter house you immediately feel welcomed and know you are in an Alpha Chi Omega facility. Can you spot the lyre in this room? Look closely at the mirror, it’s our favorite piece!