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Every year collegiate chapter officers from across the country gather in Indianapolis for Leadership Academy, Alpha Chi Omega’s premier leadership training. They learn more about their officer roles and responsibilities, practice real-life leadership skills and make new friendships with sisters from all different chapters. Here are just a few standout moments from some 2020 Leadership Academy attendees.

Catrien de Boer, President (Alpha Gamma, University of New Mexico)

“At Leadership Academy, I made so many friends that I am still in contact with every day, even a week after, and plan on continuing! I now have an additional support system to reach out to when I need help, advice and encouragement!”

Rebecca Moss, VP Public Relations and Marketing (Delta Rho, University of Arkansas)

“After Leadership Academy, I took away how to incorporate the brand refresh within our chapter’s marketing plan. I learned that saying no isn’t only OK, it’s necessary. Finally, I was given new ideas on how to improve the brand experience within my chapter.”

Andraya Crawford, VP Chapter Relations and Standards (Beta Psi, Louisiana Tech University)

“Opening and closing Ritual together [at Leadership Academy] was AMAZING! I didn’t know what to expect but hearing everyone bond over our Ritual was so special to me!”

Taylor Navan, President (Kappa Chi, Florida Gulf Coast University)

“In my breakout group I was able to make connections with girls I’ve never expected to have in my life. It was a similar feeling to when I went through recruitment. I just felt at home. I can’t wait to go to convention and reunite with my sisters!”

Anna Weir, VP Chapter Relations and Standards (Gamma Mu, Ball State University)

“Going to Leadership Academy taught me more about myself than I ever thought I would get from there! I am so excited to bring all of the amazing new ideas to my chapter and help our organization reach new heights!”

Melanie D’Angelo, President (Kappa Pi, University of North Carolina Wilmington)

“It’s so hard to choose one single favorite part of Leadership Academy. It has to be a tie between the opening and closing keynote speakers and the breakout group sessions. The speakers really inspired me and touched me in a way no speaker has ever done before. The breakout groups gave me so much information and knowledge about how I can better handle certain aspects of my chapter, based on how other chapters have had success.”

Maria Jara, VP Public Relations and Marketing (Delta Mu, University of Massachusetts)

“My favorite non-educational part of LA was definitely the tour of headquarters. It was so incredibly interesting to be able to see the history of my sisters while also being in the place where the magic happens! I was so excited to see the Delta Mu brick in the brick garden while also checking out the timeline of the history of Alpha Chi Omega on the second floor of the headquarters building.”

Analis Robles, President (Kappa Omega, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

“My favorite session was on the new backstops! As VP risk management last year, seeing the new video made me so excited to see all the new launches headquarters is making.”

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