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#AXOthankful to be a Chapter Consultant

By: Kellie Greene (Beta Eta, Florida State University)

I recently visited a campus where a student asked me, “What makes it worth moving across the country,
just for a job?” Although the question took me by surprise, I knew the answer immediately. Questions are
common with any job, yet it is rare to have the same answer. “Why did you apply to be a consultant?”
“Why do you love Alpha Chi Omega?” “What’s the best part of being a consultant?” My answer is always,
the people!

There is a special quality about this organization, one that brings people together. Alpha Chi Omega gave
me a home and family filled with happiness while in college. Coming from a school with 42,000 students,
it’s not likely I would have met so many amazing women on my own. And the sense of community didn’t
stop there. I’m lucky enough to work with a team of women who constantly support me while serving the
greater mission of Alpha Chi Omega.

At Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to reunite with our friends and family across the country and be
thankful. I find myself constantly appreciative of Alpha Chi Omega for providing me with such unique
opportunities and for bringing wonderful people into my life. My thoughtful stepmother is an Alpha Chi
and first introduced me to the sorority. Without this organization, I wouldn’t have met my chapter sisters
in Tallahassee, who have greatly influenced my life and helped me get to where I am today. I wouldn’t
have my coworkers, who teach me how to be creative in the workplace. Each of these women leads with
confidence and grace, and constantly shows me what it means to be an Alpha Chi Omega. From my Beta
Eta sisters to my consultant sisters, Alpha Chi Omega has given me my best friends and women to
constantly look up to.

So when I am asked about packing up my life and moving 2,000 miles away from home, it’s a no-brainer. I
would do anything for these women. After I departed from spending a week with family and friends, I
couldn’t help but be excited about going back to work. I’m constantly meeting new sisters who share the
same passions as me. No matter the state, the town or the school, I have found that each Alpha Chi
Omega I meet has the same ambition, confidence and kindness. They welcome me with open arms and
make my job special. I’m grateful to call these women my sisters, and they make me proud to be an Alpha
Chi Omega.

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  1. Kellie <3 – so thankful for all our #AXOCC sisters (especially the ones I've worked with and the ones I advised). It makes an advisor's heart swell to see young alumnae connecting with our lifetime bond! All our #RSW exhibiting #WDA. L&L!

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