Becoming Best Friends…Twice!

By Angela Kotsonis (Alpha Chi, Butler University), with help from Andrea Hagener (Alpha Chi, Butler University)

Andrea (left) and Angela (right)

Andrea and I both grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and went to preschool together. We became fast friends but lost touch after preschool because we went to different elementary schools. When Andrea was 9, she moved to Sacramento, California. Little did we know that we would cross paths after over a decade!

We reconnected in our first year at Butler in one of our classes and ended up both becoming members of Alpha Chi Omega. On the first day of class for the spring semester, we both were wearing our Alpha Chi bid day attire, and we immediately started talking and sat right next to each other.

Since we had met when we were so young, neither of us remembered each other and didn’t even remember the name of the preschool we attended. We slowly started to piece together that we had mutual friends from our hometown, and eventually, our moms helped us realize that we were friends from preschool! We immediately went through all our old photo albums, finding pictures of birthday celebrations and yearly yearbook photos.

Something so simple as a bid day sweatshirt started a friendship I had been looking for my whole life. We were (and still are) completely inseparable, and Alpha Chi helped us strengthen our bond and make new friends along the way.

Andrea (left) and Angela (right)

Throughout our collegiate experience through Alpha Chi, Andrea and I were given countless opportunities to take on leadership roles, bond with others and make amazing memories that will last a lifetime. We lived together for a full year in our chapter house, and that is when we started to become a well-known dynamic duo, usually pulling pranks and blasting music way too late at night. We were homecoming co-chairs together, and we organized events and programming for Alpha Chi, specifically during Butler’s homecoming week in 2019, which made us realize how well we work together. During primary recruitment this year, Andrea is our VP of recruitment, and I am a day chair. Andrea always inspires me to seek the heights and go after new opportunities, and I have been so fortunate to have such a supportive sister by my side.

It’s hard to believe that Butler is the place that we eventually met and became best friends twice. We have been roommates for three years now and have made countless memories, all thanks to Butler and Alpha Chi Omega!

Note: A version of this story was first shared by Butler University, and Andrea and Angela shared more about their Alpha Chi Omega experience for this blog!

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