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Building Relationships with Positivity

By Rebecca Bogosh, House Director at the Alpha Tau (University of New Hampshire) Chapter

Positivity means “thinking in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and success, and focusing on making life happier. It is a happy and worry-free state of mind, which looks at the bright side of life.”

Positivity is probably one of the skills I value most in my life, and it certainly helps in my position as a house director. I believe my positivity makes all of my relationships with vendors, contractors and residents in the house smoother, and it has created a more comfortable atmosphere for interactions within the house itself.

At the start of each new semester when I meet with both new and returning residents, I do my best to create a positive first impression. I do this by letting them know I am there to support them and make their time in the house as safe and fun as possible. I also let them know if they ever have questions, problems or concerns, they can always come to me as a resource. By having that initial impression be of support and understanding while exuding positivity and excitement of what is to come throughout the year, I believe I set the tone for our interactions moving forward.

Having an optimistic view and looking for solutions absolutely aids in my work relationships with vendors as well. When speaking with CSL Management or with the National Housing Corporation, I always try to convey what is happening in the house and what needs attention in a calm and collected manner. If possible, I try to relay potential reasons for problems, what has worked in the past or potential solutions. This shows those stakeholders my willingness to help further problem-solve and find a solution. It also communicates that I am open to whatever further instructions are given. I always let them know I am happy to help in whatever way I can!

I have been a house director for five years now and attribute my love of the job to the relationships within the house. This work is never boring and is always changing, so it keeps it exciting and fresh each year! The residents are always willing to engage in conversation and take the time to catch up, even when I know they have had a hard day. I believe those strong relationships stem from positivity.

Positivity isn’t always an easy thing to maintain, but it has benefits and helps create memorable and lasting relationships!