All the Feels
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All the Feels

By: Angela Costley Harris (Alpha Beta, Purdue University), National President While visiting with our Epsilon (University of Southern California) chapter collegians last week, I was asked why I chose to join Alpha Chi Omega. In response, I told them that I chose Alpha Chi Omega because during my preference night speech I distinctly remember looking […]

#AXOisHome Sisterhood

Where is “Home” for You?

By: Ana Corona (Theta Omega, Marquette University) Where is home for you? – This may seem like one of the easiest questions to answer. One or two words, max. For some reason, I always find myself over-explaining and just confusing the curious individual standing in front of me. In short, I feel as though home […]


Ritual And Recruitment

By: Kendra Swanson (Zeta Pi, Arizona State University) and Monica Hiller (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University) Kendra Swanson was a resident consultant at the Lambda chapter at Syracuse University for their reestablishment in 2016. Here are her reflections on how she emulated Ritual and saw Ritual in others through her experience. The values of Alpha […]