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Convention Page Reflection

From helping out at ceremonies to deepening her connection to Alpha Chi Omega, Katie Ault (Beta Delta, College of William & Mary) looks back fondly on her experience as a 2018 convention page. It’s not too late to apply to serve as a page this year in Bellevue – applications close March 13! 

Why did you apply to be a page in 2018?

I loved getting to know and be a part of the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega as a member of my chapter and by serving on the executive board, and I felt curious about our sisterhood on an even larger scale. I applied to serve as a convention page because it seemed like an opportunity to give back to Alpha Chi Omega while also learning about our sisterhood at a different level – the many chapters and people I called “sisters” who I’d never met before, and their insights and experiences.

What were some of the highlights of volunteering as a page?

Convention pages have a variety of duties that help keep the many different parts of convention flowing smoothly. Though there are some duties that most other convention attendees won’t see, my favorite tasks were the ones that let me interact with them. From welcoming all of our sisters into the first chapter meeting to kick off convention to helping give out chapter awards at the awards ceremony, I loved helping bring the joy of convention to everyone there. And I’ll never forget staying up late with my fellow pages on the last night after all of the events were over, taking down and storing each chapter’s banner, and talking and laughing together!

What is something about convention you didn’t realize until you were there working with the page committee?

Until I was there, I didn’t realize just how many different events are part of convention! I didn’t know a lot about convention before I got there, but I quickly learned that there’s so much that gets packed into those few days. When we weren’t helping out behind the scenes, we were able to attend sessions and socialize with other sisters there, which gave me a really interesting perspective on convention. I appreciated getting such a close look at a lot of the different parts of convention as a page and seeing the impact of what the page committee worked on unfold in real time.

Why would you encourage sisters to apply to serve as a page this year?

Serving as a convention page brings a deep and unique sense of connection to our sisterhood as a whole. Seeing members from every chapter gathered in one place, of all different ages and walks of life, all participating in our Ritual and working toward our common goals was an incredible experience. I got to know my fellow pages and sisters attending convention, to learn from them and be inspired by them. As a convention page, I felt so honored to be a part of the celebration and strengthening of our bond.