Coworkers to Volunteers to Lifelong Friends

By Sasha Williams (Epsilon, University of Southern California)

When I lived in Florida, I had plans to take a coworker, Alycia Seevers, out to lunch. Since she worked in a different office than me, I was picking her up so we could drive to lunch together. I had recently attended a Delta Pi Delta (Florida Gulf Coast) event, and we were given Alpha Chi Omega pens to take home with us. I had left the pen in my car, and when my coworker got in and saw it, she squealed with excitement! She too was an Alpha Chi Omega, initiated at The University of New Mexico!

I was thrilled to connect with another sister, and of course I immediately invited her to attend the next Delta Pi Delta event! The members were so excited to meet a new sister who lived in the area and welcomed her warmly into the alumnae chapter. Since Alycia and I didn’t work in the same office, we were able to use our time at the monthly chapter events to get to know each other better and bond.

Alycia ended up going to work for a different company, but our Alpha Chi Omega connection created a bond that sustained our friendship outside of work. I attended her baby shower when she was pregnant with her first son, and when I was in the area, we would get together to meet for lunch.

Later on, we drove up to Tampa to assist the collegiate chapter there with recruitment. At the time, the local university, Florida Gulf Coast University, did not have an Alpha Chi chapter. We were both thrilled when we found out the chapter extension team was presenting to the university and attended the happy hour the day before with other alumnae and the team. We were so happy when it was announced the presentation was successful and there would be an Alpha Chi Omega chapter at FGCU!

We both volunteered to serve as advisors for the new chapter, me as chapter advisor and Alycia as recruitment advisor. This experience brought us closer together as we worked to serve the new chapter. One of our favorite celebrations was initiating the new members and seeing the chapter receive its charter.

I moved to the Midwest in 2017, but Alycia and I still keep in touch. It pays to PACE! You never know when you’ll meet another sister who becomes a lifelong friend!