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Dress for Post-Grad Success

By Holly Grajera (Delta Omega, University of Kentucky)

Picture this: you’re 22 years old, freshly graduated from college. You land a killer new job in a place that you love, and you’re ready for this next big step in your life. As the first day of your shiny new job inches closer, you begin brushing up on all the essentials: your employee handbook, your boss’ name, where the closest Starbucks is in relation to your office and who you’ll be working with. In the back of your mind, one question still remains: what the heck am I supposed to wear now? Well, look no further than this quick guide on how to be taken seriously while looking great.

The first thing every businesswoman needs in her closet is a power jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the perfect everyday look. They’re flattering, easy to throw on (especially on those mornings when you snooze your alarm) and always make you look put together and professional. Here are two of my go-to jumpsuits:








Next is a classic black business professional dress. This is perfect for your more professional meetings and networking events. I got mine from Express, and it has proven to be one of my favorite business professional looks.








You can never go wrong with a good blazer. Mine is from a local boutique in Libertyville, Illinois, and works with any look. Whether it’s dressing up a pair of jeans, paired with a skirt or worn with a dress pant, it’s an essential in any young woman’s closet.









A few basic skirts, slacks, tops and dresses can go a long way. Here are some of my everyday looks that take me from the office to chapter houses and everywhere in between.









A casual Friday look can be hard to nail, especially when the word “casual” used to mean leggings and a T-shirt for most of us in college. A pair of non-distressed jeans and a simple top is perfect for casual Friday. Here is one of my go-to casual Friday looks.









Having a few essential shoes in your closet can be a huge money saver. I always try to buy shoes in neutral colors that can go with any outfit. Pro-tip: try to buy shoes that can work for all four seasons to avoid spending double on shoes for summer and winter. Here are my favorites:







Of course, in our new normal, we’re not serving looks at the office every day. Working from home is all about being comfortable but still professional from the waist up. Check out my perfect WFH look:








Now you’re all set and ready to rock any office! Go show ‘em who’s boss!

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