Real. Strong. Women.

Meet the 2019 Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction

By Lauren Filippini, Alpha Chi (Butler University)

In my job as editor, I have the opportunity to talk with so many incredible women doing things I could only dream of and to highlight their accomplishments in The Lyre. But once a year, my interactions with inspiring sisters are multiplied as I put together the summer issue that features our Real. Strong. Women.® of Distinction Award winners.

Each year, we make a call for nominations of Alpha Chi Omegas who are making a difference in their chosen fields – and, importantly, who can look to their sorority experience as one of the reasons for their success. It’s sisters nominating sisters, sharing with us about a friend from their chapter, a woman they met in their professional life, a community leader who also shares the bond of sisterhood.

Once the nominator tells us why her nominee deserves the award, the nominee has the chance to tell us about herself. And while I’m always blown away by the professional accomplishments I read in these applications – this year’s class of winners is doing everything from creating economic change to fighting to end gun violence – it’s hearing about the value they place on their Alpha Chi Omega experience that warms my heart. Just a few examples from our 2019 winners that I have to share:

“I consider Alpha Chi Omega to be one of the most instrumental pieces of my life as it relates to my ongoing growth, development and the career path I have decided to take,” says Viancca Burger Williams (Gamma Pi, University of Tampa), who works in fraternity and sorority life.

“I didn’t realize it then, but those years laid the groundwork for the future. By the end of college and my years as a collegiate Alpha Chi, I had developed more confidence in myself and was encouraged that anything was possible,” says Christy Weber (Delta Chi, William Woods University), who founded two nonprofits.

“The strongest relationships I have are those that I made with my sisters. They are my best friends; they are my family. It’s because of them that I was able to survive one of the most tragic days of my life,” says Stephanie (Dobyns) Wellek (Iota Nu, University of California, San Diego), who survived the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

Each member of the 2019 class of Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction has seen the power of sorority in her own life. It is an integral part of her trajectory to reaching her goals. How will your Alpha Chi Omega experience help you reach yours?

Meet the real, strong women.


Learn more about our Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction on the Alpha Chi Omega website.

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