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Not Your Average Travel Tips

By Molly Haeg (Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota), chapter consultant

Ahh, the end of February. Our northern friends are finally starting to thaw, our snowbirds are starting to head home, and our most adventurous collegians and families are starting to pack for the highly anticipated spring break trip. To help you prepare all for the moves you might be making this spring, I have compiled a list of my favorite travel tips, many learned through my two years as a chapter consultant.

  • Place an adhesive card holder on the back of your phone to hold your ID and credit card for easy access when going through security. Shoutout to the Staybridge in Fishers, Indiana for mine!
  • Before your travels, decide on a consistent souvenir you plan to collect from each destination. Make your trip memorable without breaking the bank. Ideas include stickers, magnets, spoons, T-shirts, postcards, buttons, etc. Our National President, Angela Costley Harris, chose to collect pins from the colleges and universities she’s traveled to, and I chose to collect patches!
  • If you’re flying to Europe, try to fly Icelandair and participate in their stopover program to explore Iceland before heading to your final destination.
  • Download App in the Air to track all of your flights: past, present and future! All you have to do is link your email and watch the screen as it maps out your travels. While you’re at it, I recommend downloading all of the airline, hotel and rental car apps that apply to your trip for loyalty programs and real-time updates.
  • Always gate check your bag! Save the overhead press for the gym while earning brownie points with the gate attendant.
  • If traveling in cold weather, always wear your parka on the plane – the hood makes for the best pillow, trust me.
  • If you don’t already have TSA PreCheck, it’s time to indulge. For only $85, you can decrease your security time to 5 minutes or less for the next 5 years. This also serves as a creative gift for a loved one or a travel buddy!
  • Jamba Juice in CLT has acai bowls, Macaroni Grill in ORD makes the long layover ideal, PHL will always make you run, MPS has therapy dogs to make your airport experience “pawsitive,” LGA might make you walk outside to get to your connecting gate, ATL always has delays, keep your eyes peeled for celebrities in LAX, the Skylink in DFW is a lifesaver, and the best landing views are found at DEN, PHX and SLC.
  • Lastly, if you’re flying Delta, ALWAYS look to see if the Bachelor, Pilot Pete, is in the cockpit.

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