Team AXO

On the Road Again

By Chloe Sekhran (Sigma, University of Iowa)

Picture this: You’ve just graduated from college and landed your dream job. You head to Indianapolis for six weeks, which will be the longest you’ll be in any one place for a year. Those six weeks pass, and you pack your life into three suitcases for almost four months. You travel across the country, going on 19 chapter visits before Thanksgiving even hits. Then, you start asking yourself the big question: what am I going to do next?

For me, choosing to serve as a chapter consultant for a second year was a no-brainer. There is truly no other job that allows you to share your passion for an organization, empower women and travel across the country all at the same time. My first year helped me grow in ways that no other job ever could. I gained conflict resolution, time management and coaching skills, amongst so many others.

In my second year as a consultant, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see the continued growth of the chapters I worked with last year, while also getting to work with and impact new chapters this year. Nothing means more to me than knowing I have made a difference in a chapter, and that is what makes my job so rewarding.

I think that it is easy to look at the chapter consultant role and only focus on the benefits of all the travel. While I am so excited to travel across the country, I am not only grateful because I get to visit places I might not have otherwise, I am grateful to meet and work with women I definitely would not have otherwise.

I am so glad that last fall, when I asked myself what I was going to do next, I decided to be a chapter consultant for a second year. This is truly my dream job, and I cannot wait to be on the road again for year two.

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