Real, Strong Women Don’t Haze

By Paige Hollendonner (Iota Omega, Carthage College)

Hazing in collegiate fraternity and sorority chapters is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, especially as imposed on college students seeking membership to a fraternity or sorority.”

There is never a reason for hazing, and real, strong women don’t haze.

We as women, as Alpha Chi Omega members, as sisters, have taken a stance to end hazing and bring awareness to this topic at Carthage College.

During National Hazing Prevention Week on September 23-27, 2019, our members take a stand against hazing and inform our fellow students that there is NEVER a reason to haze.

As the Iota Omega chapter at Carthage College, there are many ways we support National Hazing Prevention Week. We use our social media platforms to spread the word on anti-hazing, along with placing banners across our campus to direct attention to the issue. Our members paint our hands purple when making banners to signify that these hands don’t hurt. We want to educate our campus community about the harms of hazing and that it is fully preventable.

As sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, we believe that hazing is never the answer. As real, strong women, we believe that a member has the rights and privileges of our sisterhood without being put through a hazing process. Sisterhood is meant to empower one another, create support systems and establish lasting friendships. How can we create these bonds with our sisters if we tear them down before they are even initiated?

As real, strong women, we believe that hazing should never be tolerated. Why haze a new member, when that valuable time could be used for something good? Instead of hazing, talk to your new members and begin to form an unbreakable bond. Start a new service project that the entire chapter can participate in. Be a positive light in someone’s life, not a negative one. There are so many opportunities for good; do not let this time be saturated with opportunities for bad.

There are never positives to hazing.

Domestic violence awareness is a philanthropy that every Alpha Chi Omega holds close to her heart. Hazing can be easily compared to an incident involving domestic violence. We should be compassionate and committed to our sisters. If we are committed to healthy relationships, then hazing has no place in the sorority experience. Alpha Chi Omega is proud to stand against both domestic violence and hazing.

During National Hazing Prevention Week, simply remember this quote from Mandy Hale:

“You don’t have to knock anyone off their game to win yours. It doesn’t build you up to tear others down.”

We are Alpha Chi Omega.
We are real, strong women.
Real, strong women don’t haze.

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