Team AXO

Staying Connected with the Consultant Team

By 2019-2020 Chapter Consultants

During this time when our world feels upside-down, one thing has remained the same for the consultant team – staying connected virtually! While our team is traveling the country, we always make it a point to chat in our GroupMe, catch up via FaceTime and share stories on our Instagram account! Here’s how we have been staying in contact over the past few weeks:

  • Zoom seems to be the VIP of 2020 thus far, and we are in full support. We have been using Zoom for important team updates, but also for team bonding! Breakfast and a cup of coffee are better when shared with a teammate – virtually, of course!
  • While we always try to encourage each other to stay healthy on the road, we sadly don’t have hotel gyms, SoulCycle or Orangetheory Fitness to motivate us in-person anymore. Luckily, we’ve found that Orangetheory At Home, Corepower Yoga On Demand and Peloton’s free 90-day trial have been keeping us active while social distancing. It’s always fun to see each other’s workouts pop up on our Apple Watches!
  • Since our lives look a little bit different back home than on the road, we wanted to know what we’ve all been up to! Check out our axocc, wyd? highlight and follow us on Instagram @AXOCC to keep up!
  • Seems like most of Gen Z and the Millennials are staying busy in quarantine on TikTok, and we are no exception! Check out our team video and follow along on our TikTok highlight for more coming soon! 🙂

  • We were inspired by many of our peer consultant teams who have been sharing “Which consultant are you?” quizzes. Take ours to find out who you are most like on the team!

We hope everyone is staying safe and staying home!

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