The Power of PACE To Bring Sisters Together

By Allyson Vander Broek (Delta Sigma, University of the Pacific) Imagine moving to a foreign country for work. Sounds pretty exciting, right? It’s probably a job promotion, you’ll have opportunities for travel and will get to learn (or improve) a foreign language. On the other hand, you are leaving everything familiar behind like friends, extended […]


Finding a Best Friend

By Brooke Radnor (Gamma Omicron, Marshall University) Once in a while, the Universe just gives you a sign that lets you know everything is “as it should be.” I graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia where I was very active in the Gamma Omicron chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. I loved every moment […]


Coworkers to Volunteers to Lifelong Friends

By Sasha Williams (Epsilon, University of Southern California) When I lived in Florida, I had plans to take a coworker, Alycia Seevers, out to lunch. Since she worked in a different office than me, I was picking her up so we could drive to lunch together. I had recently attended a Delta Pi Delta (Florida […]


My Journey to Authenticity

By Priscilla Blackie Varner (Theta Sigma, University of North Florida)     My name is Priscilla Blackie Varner, and I was born in Charleston, South Carolina on August 5, 1972. My mom (a former race car driver) and my dad (always a troublemaker) met in summer school and married when my dad returned after serving […]


Authenticity and Advice from a TikTok Creator

By Lauren Filippini (Alpha Chi, Butler University), editor One million followers. It’s a milestone for any social media content creator, and Madison Anne (Gamma Chi, Stetson University) hit that number on TikTok within two years of her first video. That video focused on how to find your bra size and set the course for Madison’s […]

Feature Real. Strong. Women.

Living Authentically with Bipolar Disorder

By Chelsea Skye Smith (Alpha Omega, Birmingham-Southern College) Content warning: Mentions of mental illness, self-harm, suicide, sexual promiscuity and medications It has always been important for me to help disrupt the judgment surrounding mental illness. I went into college knowing I wanted to study psychology, but it was the little things about mental health stigmatization […]


Our Heritage, My Passion

By Lynne Herndon (Alpha Upsilon, The University of Alabama), National President For as long as I can remember, I have loved listening to music. Some of my fondest memories are Friday nights in middle school spending the night with friends, calling the radio station and requesting our favorite songs. We would listen for hours waiting […]

Feature Sisterhood

Convention Page Reflection

From helping out at ceremonies to deepening her connection to Alpha Chi Omega, Katie Ault (Beta Delta, College of William & Mary) looks back fondly on her experience as a 2018 convention page. It’s not too late to apply to serve as a page this year in Bellevue – applications close March 13!  Why did […]

Impact Leadership Service

Learn More About National Board Service

Sisters serving on each of our Alpha Chi Omega Enterprise boards share their experience. We hope the insight from these women encourages you to recommend a sister (or yourself!) for service on one of the boards. Pictured L-R: Mikelle Holt Brady (Alpha, DePauw University) – National Council Maree Magliocchetti (Alpha Tau, University of New Hampshire) […]