Campus Leadership

A Panhellenic Pitch for Mental Health Resources

By Lauren Filippini (Alpha Chi, Butler University), editor Note: This story was originally published in the fall 2020 Lyre magazine and has been updated, as of November 2020, to reflect the efforts of the students this fall semester. The Mental Wellness Advocate program is now a reality at the University of Iowa, thanks to efforts […]

Impact Leadership Learning

Leadership Through Civic Engagement

An interview conducted by Becca Berkey (Alpha Chi, Butler University) As a leader within her own community as the director of community-engaged teaching & research at Northeastern University, Becca Berkey, an Alpha Chi Omega volunteer leadership development specialist, shares the impact of civic engagement by interviewing her friend and colleague, Stephanie King. Stephanie serves as […]


How Do We Turn a Four-Year Experience into a Lifelong One?

By: Scott Fussell, Director of marketing and education at CSL Management What do you remember most about your collegiate Alpha Chi Omega experience? What were the best times, the most meaningful? Was it the football tailgate? Homecoming? Maybe spring break or that intramural championship? Or were the best times, the most memorable and formative times, […]

Leadership Sisterhood

5 Lessons from a New Chapter President

By: Jenna Majeski (Lambda Nu, Northeastern University) This spring Alpha Chi Omega sent consultants to my school, Northeastern University, with the mission of establishing a new chapter. An email about the new chapter piqued my interest, but I was hesitant to reach out. I always had an interest in joining a sorority, and I even […]


Finding Home at Alpha Chi Omega

By: Samantha Emerson (Beta, Albion College) This January, I become a new member of Alpha Chi Omega. Now, I don’t want to get all sappy or anything, but joining Alpha Chi is seriously one of the best things to ever happen to me. Before I joined, I had some friends, but I wouldn’t say I […]

Team AXO

Seeking the Heights as a Chapter Consultant

By: Karly Zrake (Iota Sigma, Southern Methodist University) There’s something empowering about being part of an organization where you can learn and grow, knowing you have the support to learn and grow—and fail—because you’ve got an incredible group of women standing beside you. Throughout my collegiate experience, Alpha Chi Omega was a place where I […]

#AXOisHome Sisterhood

Where is “Home” for You?

By: Ana Corona (Theta Omega, Marquette University) Where is home for you? – This may seem like one of the easiest questions to answer. One or two words, max. For some reason, I always find myself over-explaining and just confusing the curious individual standing in front of me. In short, I feel as though home […]