House directors sitting in a conference room listen to a speaker at House Director Training 2019
Pearl Stone Partners

Planning is Paramount

By Courtney Schmidt (Alpha, DePauw University), Pearl Stone Partners Managing Partner Pearl Stone Partners (PSP) house directors have a dual focus: the people and the facility. In their role, house directors work to support the safety and well-being of the chapter facility residents; they are also responsible for the safety and security of the physical […]

Team AXO

Finding Your System

By Autumn Jordan (Tau, Brenau University) Everyone is involved in systems in some way, shape or form. There is everything from computer systems, ecological systems, education systems, all the way up to the solar system. Even your body is made up of 11 different organ systems! In a world where we are always looking for […]

Leadership Real. Strong. Women.

Leading the Way for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Disney Channel

By Lauren Filippini (Alpha Chi, Butler University), editor This August, Disney Channel announced a new executive role “to accelerate racial and cultural diversity and inclusion in creative content for a global audience of kids.” The first person to fill that role of executive director of integrated content strategy and development is Theresa Helmer (Iota Psi, […]