Long Live the Lyre (Badge)

By Jen Wallach (Iota Chi, Middle Tennessee State University), Associate Director of Education and Leadership Initiatives As with most things, the advancement of time brings about change in Alpha Chi Omega. Since 1885, we’ve seen our sisterhood grow from one chapter to 146 (with more to come!), from seven Founders to 280,000 initiated members. Just […]

Feature Real. Strong. Women.

MacDowell Month: Instrumental in Her Career

By Macy Gates (Alpha Chi, Butler University), Marketing and Communications Intern February is MacDowell Month. A month dedicated to celebrating Alpha Chi Omega’s musical heritage. This MacDowell Month, we’re celebrating one of our members who is not only a patron, but a role model in the arts. Stephanie McCranie (Gamma Chi, Stetson University) has experienced […]

Feature Real. Strong. Women.

MacDowell Month: A Rekindled Passion at a Rooftop Performance

By Jessie Rogowski (Alpha Chi, Butler University) “Wow, there are a LOT of talented people in New York City,” I kept saying to myself as I watched the audition line trickle down, closer and closer to my turn. Here I was, at an Into the Woods audition, sweating from anxiety of strangers about to judge […]