The Power of PACE To Bring Sisters Together

By Allyson Vander Broek (Delta Sigma, University of the Pacific) Imagine moving to a foreign country for work. Sounds pretty exciting, right? It’s probably a job promotion, you’ll have opportunities for travel and will get to learn (or improve) a foreign language. On the other hand, you are leaving everything familiar behind like friends, extended […]


Finding a Best Friend

By Brooke Radnor (Gamma Omicron, Marshall University) Once in a while, the Universe just gives you a sign that lets you know everything is “as it should be.” I graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia where I was very active in the Gamma Omicron chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. I loved every moment […]


Coworkers to Volunteers to Lifelong Friends

By Sasha Williams (Epsilon, University of Southern California) When I lived in Florida, I had plans to take a coworker, Alycia Seevers, out to lunch. Since she worked in a different office than me, I was picking her up so we could drive to lunch together. I had recently attended a Delta Pi Delta (Florida […]

Feature Sisterhood

Welcoming Our 300,000th Member!

What started with seven young women at DePauw University has grown into a sisterhood of hundreds of thousands of real, strong women. We’re thrilled to welcome Lily Heddinghaus from the Delta Omega chapter at University of Kentucky as Alpha Chi Omega’s 300,000th initiated member! As part of our Ask an Alpha Chi blog series, we […]


Founders’ Day: Sisterhood Then and Now

By Lynne Herndon (Alpha Upsilon, The University of Alabama), National President As we approach October 15, 2021, and our 136th Founders’ Day, I am filled with excitement and appreciation. It is amazing to think about our seven Founders and the foresight they had to create the first Greek-letter social fraternity for women enrolled in a […]

Learning Sisterhood

Safe Sisterhood

By Skylar McAuliffe and Madison Williamson (Kappa Nu, Carnegie Mellon University) When you walk in the doors of the Kappa Nu chapter at Carnegie Mellon University, you are immediately welcomed into a loving and safe environment. As Alpha Chi Omegas who support domestic violence awareness, it is important to us to have the ability to […]


Shaped By My Culture: A Hispanic Heritage Month Reflection

By Sofia Castaneda (Theta Iota, Baylor University) My cultural values have shaped me as a person because I have grown up visiting my family in Colombia and learning about the different ways of life. It has taught me to be grateful for everything I have and all of the opportunities I have been given. Spanish […]


Belonging and Empowerment for Life

By Niki McCann (Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University) As a college freshman, sorority life was something of which I had only a silver screen knowledge. In high school, I was a super involved student, graduating first in my class. I did any activity that extended my school day so that I didn’t have to go […]


Pieces of My Puzzle

By Angel Schrader (Alpha Omicron, The Ohio State University) I came to The Ohio State University as a first-generation student and as a young gay woman; these two identities were things that I was afraid people would look at me differently for when I began to navigate college life. These two identities also made rushing […]

Feature Sisterhood

Coming Out and Finding Support

By Graciella Bocanegra (Zeta Omega, Western Carolina University) I was around 13 when I first came out to someone, and I can honestly say it was one of the scariest things I have ever done. My best friend at the time and I were sitting on her bed watching television, and I remember thinking that […]