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Thankfulness as National President

By Lynne Herndon (Alpha Upsilon, The University of Alabama), National President

There is something about the fall that I just love. Of course, that includes the change in the weather and college football. But the fall has many events, traditions and holidays that have thankfulness at their core. And maybe this year, 2020, and all that is COVID-19 make it also a year to be very thankful. It’s easy to focus on what we might be missing or what could have been, but what many are saying is… “I am thankful for family.” “I am thankful to be well.” “While it’s tough to have kids at home for virtual learning, we have created memories that we would not otherwise.” “We have all slowed down and learned to appreciate each other.”

More Americans travel for Thanksgiving than any other holiday, and the name of the holiday says it all. Families and friends gather to see each other, enjoy the company and eat good home cooking. While many may not have traveled this year due to COVID-19, we know that families gathered virtually to say “I love you” and “I miss you.”

We have a lot to be thankful for as Alpha Chi Omegas. Recently in October, we recognized Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For those of us not personally touched by this horrible situation, our hearts go out to those who are suffering; we are thankful that we are not affected, and we want to help those who are affected. Alpha Chi Omega focuses on education, awareness and services to help those that need assistance. I am thankful for the Alpha Chi Omega members who support domestic violence organizations across the country.

We also celebrated our 135th Founders’ Day on October 15. Members across the country, wherever they were, remembered this day and thought about when we joined or that special Alpha Chi Omega moment and memory. I know I am thankful for the opportunity to join such a terrific women’s organization then and now. It is truly a lifetime journey, and members get far more than they expected when they choose to be active, enjoy lifetime sorority friends and give back time, talent and treasure in all that we do.

I am thankful and grateful for many things as National President, but my service with the real, strong women who are National Council members is most special. National Council service is challenging, humbling, creative, emotional, driven, serious, fun, impactful and much more. It is incredibly inspiring to serve with five other talented Alpha Chi Omega sisters and develop strategy and priorities that shape the future of our wonderful sorority experience. While National Council service is not easy, it is certainly worth it. I am thankful for the opportunity first to serve as national vice president and now as National President. I highly encourage you to prepare yourself for board service and to explore how you could serve Alpha Chi Omega on the National Council or one of our other three boards. Should you be selected, I assure you that you will be thankful and grateful for every moment!

Alpha Chi Omega has offered me so many wonderful memories, experiences and friendships. I am forever and always thankful to my Alpha Upsilon chapter at The University of Alabama that saw me as a member on bid day in August 1983.

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