Team AXO

The Best of Both Worlds

By Alyson Van Winkle (Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University)

When I applied to be a chapter consultant, I knew that I wanted to take advantage of all the experiences the role provided. Little did I know I was going to get the best of both worlds by serving as both a traveling consultant and a resident consultant along the way! During my past two years on this team, I have experienced every aspect of what it means to be a chapter consultant, and that has provided me with a variety of skills I will carry with me both in my personal and professional life moving forward.

I began as a “traveling” consultant during a year of virtual visits from home where I worked with 14 different Alpha Chi Omega chapters nationwide. As a virtual traveling consultant, I loved working with so many different chapters that each had their own unique personalities, even though I got to know them through a screen. My second year on the team has included in-person recruitment visits again while also serving as a resident consultant for our establishment at Chapman University, which will open in spring 2022.

Alyson at the Delta Pi (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) chapter house

This past semester I went to Knoxville, Tennessee to help our Delta Pi (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) chapter through their entire primary recruitment process. I visited the Beta Lambda chapter at the University of Arizona to assist with pre-recruitment week. I even spent a month in Starkville, Mississippi where I got to live with three other consultants and help establish one of our newest Alpha Chi Omega chapters, Epsilon Upsilon, at Mississippi State University. Working with women from all over the country has been exciting and I loved being challenged to adapt each time I talked with a new chapter to best fit their personality and chapter needs. Every day comes with new challenges and triumphs;  you never know what will be thrown at you when traveling as a consultant!

Now that I am working on the Chapman establishment in Orange, California, I get to live 12 minutes from Newport Beach and work five minutes from Disneyland with another chapter consultant, Alyssa. We are both from the Midwest and get to spend the cold winter and spring months on the west coast, so no complaints here! Establishment entails relationship-building, recruitment, marketing, event planning, chapter management and lots of caffeine runs to the nearest coffee shop. We have so much fun getting to be a part of Alpha Chi Omega history and meeting our future founding members that will get to build this chapter from the ground up. It is incredibly rewarding to work on an establishment and see all our efforts coming to fruition.

You wear many hats as a chapter consultant depending on the day and what needs to be done. I have been a Zoom and Excel expert throughout many virtual recruitments, a floral designer for sisterhood events, a DJ during recruitment parties and a seasoned professional at maneuvering three suitcases through an airport. Now, I even have a published blog to add to my resume!

Unlike Hannah Montana, I haven’t gotten to experience a limo out front since Enterprise usually gives me a sedan as my rental, but I’ve certainly gotten to have my face in The Lyre magazine a few times.

Today is the last day to apply to serve as a 2022-23 chapter consultant! Submit yours now!