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Treasure Find

By: Angela Costley Harris (Alpha Beta, Purdue University), National President

This week was what I call “treasure week” in my hometown Ann Arbor, when returning university students move into off-campus housing and load the sidewalks and consignment shops with couches, chairs, tables, lamps and other “treasures” that no longer serve them. Local residents and other students wander the streets and shops in search of usable treasures. It’s recycling and upcycling at its best!

We have outfitted our kids’ off-campus housing through the streets, consignment shops and the Salvation Army. The “treasure” trips this past week were particularly fruitful, as Jack and I found a fabulous mid-century modern (all the rage!) chair at a bargain price at a local consignment shop named The Treasure Mart.

We had parked a few blocks away and couldn’t haul the chair and several kitchen appliances in one load, so after paying for our purchases, I chatted with the salesperson while Jack went to get the car. A loud truck rumbled by the store, and I looked outside to identify the noise. A tray of onyx rings in a jewelry case between me and the street caught my eye. I’ve always wanted an onyx ring, and I haphazardly pointed to one on the outer edge of the tray. It fit perfectly. My reading glasses were in the car, so I asked to borrow a magnifying glass so to see the ring in more detail.

As the ring on my hand came into focus, the salesperson asked, “What do you think? Is it your treasure? Does it speak to you?”

“Ummmm, yes,” I mumbled. “It does.” Through the magnifying glass, I saw this …

What are the odds? There were at least a dozen rings in the case, and I couldn’t see any of them in detail. I was done shopping and just looked up past the jewelry case for a second, which was in the opposite direction from where Jack would be arriving.

I had a month filled with treasured moments – time, events and experiences that made me feel inspired and present in both my Alpha Chi Omega and personal lives. I believe this “treasure” found its way to me to represent this special month.

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