Volunteer Appreciation Week: How to Say “Thank You”

By Hannah Harris (Zeta Xi, University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Assistant Director of Volunteer Management

“Working with students,” “coaching and supporting volunteers,” “relationship building” – these are just a few of the reasons our volunteers have given about why they love volunteering and why they continue to give their time and talent to our beloved sisterhood. Our volunteers give so much to our organization – they stay up late to answer questions from collegiate members, they set up meal trains and support systems for alumnae sisters in need, they do the work they are called to do to support the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega.

Their reasons may be different, but their goal is the same. Through individual contributions, each volunteer shapes the future of our organization by creating the powerful, transformative and everlasting connections we describe in our vision statement. As we take time to reflect on all that our volunteers contribute to our beloved sisterhood, I would ask that you also take a moment to say “thank you” for all they do. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Send a thank you note. Everyone loves getting snail mail, and the personalization of a handwritten card can mean a lot. When you run out of stamps, send an e-card or email!
  • Pick up the phone and call a sister. Maybe you’ve been thinking about connecting with a sister lately but haven’t found the time. Pick up your phone and give her a call (or better yet, FaceTime or video call her!) and tell her how much her involvement means to you and the impact it had or continues to have on your experience.
  • Send a quick text. We’re all a little busy these days, but even in our fast-paced lives, we can find the time to send a quick text (maybe include a funny GIF!) to let someone know how much you appreciate them – you can send it while you’re waiting for your dinner to come out of the oven or that commercial to end!
  • Send flowers or a small treat. This can be a great suggestion for Volunteer Appreciation Week, birthdays or special celebrations. Just let your sister know that you’re thinking about her and appreciate her.
  • Post on social media. During Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’ll be posting our annual volunteer report, sharing graphics and communicating on our social media. We encourage you to repost, tag volunteers who work with you and spread the appreciation!

However you choose to thank the volunteers and sisters who have impacted your experience, just thank them! Our volunteers are mothers, employees, students, sisters, caregivers, daughters and much more. With all the other things going on in their lives, they take time to prioritize you and Alpha Chi Omega. Take some time today and this week to say “thank you.”

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