Volunteer Summit Q&A

This June we welcomed over 280 national volunteers to Volunteer Summit. Seeing the range of alumnae that gather for sisterhood and leadership training makes for an empowering weekend. See what some of the biggest takeaways were for these attendees.

Meet the Attendees!

Priscilla B. Varner (Theta Sigma, University of North Florida)
Current volunteer role: Chapter Advisor, Nu Chapter
Past volunteer roles: PR and Marketing Advisor and CRSB Advisor

Bry Anderson (Kappa Tau, University of Connecticut)
Current volunteer role: National Alumnae Initiate Program (NAIP)


Angie Cianelli Rowe (Beta Mu, Pennsylvania State University)
Current volunteer role: Delta Psi Chapter Advisor
Past volunteer roles: Beta Mu Risk Management Advisor

Kim McClure (Gamma Omicron, Marshall University)
Current volunteer role: Director of Province Alumnae Chairs
Past volunteer roles: Alumnae Chapter President, Province Collegiate Chair, PAC Specialist


What was your favorite session and why?

Priscilla: I really enjoyed the guest speaker, Dr. Lori Hart, on Sunday morning. I feel she 1) was hilarious! 2) shared valuable information. The comment, “The culture of your chapter is being determined by the worst behavior accepted in the chapter” really resonated with me. I think that is going to be discussed in our chapter at length this year.

Bry: NAIP sessions! As a member of the NAIP, our sessions were focused on how to best support each other in our roles as interviewers and educators and how we as a team can show AXΩ and beyond what the NAIP is all about. It was amazing meeting all the sisters behind the Zoom calls, seeing their passion for this program – without which I would not be a part of the sisterhood I am so thankful for – and the fluidity of ideas of how to grow the NAIP.

Angie: The risk management session on Sunday – the speaker [Dr. Lori Hart] was entertaining and a realist! She had great insights about very difficult topics and conversations that you have to have with collegians as an advisor.

Kim: My favorite session was the opening keynote session with Karen Walrond. I found her presentation to be very powerful and meaningful. It was inspiring to see a successful woman share about vulnerabilities and strengths. Her words made me consciously consider what my values are and how I can reach my goals with my team while honoring them and helping my team members find their strengths to help them achieve their goals.

What was your favorite memory from the weekend?

Priscilla: My favorite memory was seeing all our Colorado volunteers. Most of us served on the Nu board together a few years ago and, since then, several have left that board and moved on to volunteer on the national level. Seeing those tremendous women in their new volunteer roles made such an impact on me.

Bry: When all the volunteers gathered in one room… where you can feed off each other’s energy and for those moments know you are in the exact place you are supposed to be!

Angie: Getting to meet the advisors from my province and meeting Amanda Kukura (Theta Upsilon, University of Southern Carolina) “live and in person”. She and I worked together remotely and have remained close on text and social media and haven’t ever met face to face. We had a great time together, and sisterhood has now really gone beyond my chapter of initiation.

Kim: My favorite memory was doing formal opening and closing. It always makes me tear up seeing the solidarity of the women there and hearing the words of our Ritual spoken in unison. The words mean so much more to me now as an alumna than they did when I was a collegiate member.


What was your biggest takeaway from the summit?

Priscilla: Nu chapter is great. We are seeking the heights in numerous areas, but there are several adjustments that need to be made to take the chapter to the next level. We are going to continue to “build on what’s going right!”

Bry: Karen Walrond was an amazing keynote speaker. She left a huge impression with this statement: “Diversity is all the ways we differ and inclusion is bringing them all together.”

Angie: Always be coaching! I feel a lot more confident in my role as an advisor since I’m a “newbie” – coaching them to make safe, healthy, respectable decisions to become real, strong women.

Kim: My biggest takeaway was being inspired by seeing the goals that the National Council has chosen and seeing all the excitement from the volunteers there to collaborate in order to help achieve those goals.

What are your most excited for in the coming year in your volunteer role?

Priscilla: I’m excited to remind the chapter of all the positive change that has been made over the last four years and develop a strategic plan to ensure chapter growth continues. I want the chapter to own that growth and dedicate themselves to continuing to build on their successes.

Bry: Recruit new sisters in the bond. Share my incredible experience as an alumnae initiate with others who fall in love with Alpha Chi just like I did!

Angie: Expanding my Alpha Chi Omega sisterhood to a new community of advisors and collegians and getting involved in the Alpha Chi Omega organization on a deeper level.

Kim: I am so excited to work with my team of province alumnae chairs. We have a goal to help alumnae chapters LEAP in strength and growth, and I know it will be done with this team of amazing women.

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