You’re an Alumna, Now What?

By Erica N. Brown, Epsilon Theta (California State University, Sacramento)

You may have heard the saying, “It’s not four years, it’s for life!” Whether you were in the chapter for four years or just one semester/quarter, sorority and sisterhood doesn’t end when you become an alumna. Or at least it shouldn’t! You’ve gone through Hall of Commitment and are officially an alumna, now what?

Five years ago, I graduated from Sacramento State and became an alumna of the Epsilon Theta chapter. I served as the vice president public relations and marketing in 2013. I received a degree in communication studies, emphasis in public relations. I share this because it was easy for me to find the local alumnae chapter and get involved; I wanted to build my professional network.

But I know that’s not the case with everyone.

Whether you take advantage of remaining involved with Alpha Chi Omega because you want to network, to grow your skill sets or just to have fun, Alpha Chi Omega offers a variety of ways to stay involved beyond college.

1. Join your local alumnae chapter.

There are 175 active alumnae chapter across the United States and virtually! Whether you’re staying in the same town as your college or moving away/back home, you can visit the Find Us page to find the nearest chapter to you! Every alumnae chapter’s programming is different but can involve a variety of events like happy hours, Founders’ Day celebrations, holiday events, joint collegian events, etc. Bonus: the dues for the year are pretty low when you compare them to what you paid as a collegian!

If there’s not a local chapter, consider starting one! You only need 15 other women to make it official, and headquarters can help you reach out to women in your vicinity.

2. Serve as an alumnae chapter leader.

I jumped right into alumnae leadership as soon as I could. I usually find that when I put myself out there and offer my time and talent, I meet more sisters quicker and bond with new sisters easily. It’s a great opportunity to grow in areas you’d like to improve in while potentially helping the chapter in an area they struggle. For me, I noticed our local alumnae chapter lacked a strong communication system. I took up running Gamma Psi Gamma’s (Sacramento, California) Facebook page, started an Instagram and began a monthly chapter newsletter to keep sisters regularly informed. Check out your alumnae chapter of interest – is there something the chapter is lacking that you can help with?

3. Become an Alpha Chi Omega volunteer.

There are over 3,000 real, strong women across the nation that dedicate their time and talent to Alpha Chi Omega on local, regional and national levels. From the National Council to Fraternity

specialist roles and Foundation ambassadors, there’s something for everyone! If you’re interested in volunteering but don’t know where to start, you can update your volunteer interest in your member profile on the Alpha Chi Omega website.

4. Sign up to be a mentor through Women & Wisdom.

If time or distance has been an issue in finding the right volunteer opportunity, you can give back directly to collegians by signing up to be a mentor through Women & Wisdom! This online networking experience is designed to connect alumnae and collegians through professional interests and experiences. Most meetings are held virtually, or you can meet in-person!

5. Participate in the Alumnae Book Club.

Stay involved at a pace that works for you while connecting with sisters through the Alumnae Book Club! Simply join the AXO Alumnae Book Club on Facebook to participate in virtual discussions online, and every few months join the live video conference to discuss the book “face to face.” Visit the Alumnae Book Club page to find the list of upcoming books!

One final opportunity to give back is of course through your treasure. Special giving opportunities such as the Founders’ Day Challenge and Day of Giving are great ways to give a gift to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. If you can skip a Starbucks drink that week and give $5 to Alpha Chi instead, that’s a bigger impact than not giving anything at all. You support a variety of missions and programs that make Alpha Chi Omega an organization for real, strong women. Learn more about your gift’s impact here.

Now that you know your options, how are you going to remain involved and give back? Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone! The best personal growth and most memorable experiences can be found outside of your comfort zone. Go out there and conquer the world, sister!

Visit our Young Alumnae page here to get started on your next step.

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